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Tampa Summer RV Show

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Girls looking at an RV

I had grand plans for yesterday's video. I'm not much of a video person, there's just too much chaos going on with our brood for making good videos. But, I've been told that I need to share some sort of live videos once a week, and that people enjoy real life chaos, so on Thursday morning while we were at the Tampa Summer RV Show I intended to take a bit of video. Kate begged and pleaded to be allowed to take some video, so I caved. She started out really well, telling about the master bedroom, in this quiet level voice that I didn't even know she possessed. She told about the large bed, and some drawers, she walked into the bathroom to get video and everything she shoots is around 2 foot from the floor, or of the flooring. As she walks out of the bathroom and begins to tell about the living area in the rv, she is drowned out by Rebecca screaming "Look at this, it's so big, Ruth come here!" "In a minute," Ruth barks back. Kate continues talking in a quiet little voice about the fireplace and big tv, only for a twin to run pell mell across in front of her. Lots of shaky video of the floor comes next along with Britt hollering at Ruth to watch her baby. As Kate continues to narrate what she is seeing another twin dashes across the screen and there is more apparently drunken videography for another few minutes mostly of the floor and Kate's shoes as she climbs up into the loft. All I could think after watching it, was that I didn't think this was the sort of real life live video that people are interested in seeing.

Avalanche 390 DS floorplan

We enjoyed taking a trip to the Tampa Summer RV Show Thursday morning. We were finally able to see a Keystone Avalanche 390DS in person. It's the fifth wheel I've been wanting to see this whole time. I follow a family of 7 who live full time in one, and thought it would be a great fit for our family. After looking at it, I asked the husband what he was picturing for our first RV, something that would work now, or something that would still work in another 3 years. After talking about it a bit we decided that we are only looking for what works right now, and that is still the Open Range 338BH with a good layout for the best price.

Avalanche 378 DS floorplan

However, if the next year or two works out well, and we opt to do this long term, I think either the Avalanche 390DS or the 378BH would be the best long term fit for our family. The 390DS has a queen bed that could easily sleep the three littles, with a loft above that is big enough for the three bigs to sit up completely. It's even big enough that all six could sleep up there, if we had his or my parents take a trip with us. The 378BH has a bunkhouse that is laid out so that 7 could sleep in there, which gives plenty of space for them as they grow. The Avalanche line is incredibly nice, with a big kitchen area for Gary to cook, and all the nicer finishes that you would expect in an actual house. I think it would be perfect for full time RV life with a passal of kids.

A little girl in an RV loft.

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